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Over at JustB Australia, I’ve been getting a few things off my chest, including what’s in my vegetable ‘crisper’ (oh, the humanity!) and whether or not I should buy a Thermomix or just love the kitchen appliances I’m with. 

Oh, and I also whipped up a beginner’s guide to ‘Twitterquette‘ (Twitter Etiquette). 

Is there no stopping me? 

Apparently not. 

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Ever wondered what became of The NDM? Well, I’m writing the same old shit for a nice bunch of people at ‘JustB Australia’.

For example, here is some essential reading for the parent spending any time at home with their beloved children these school holidays.

And here is a link to a post about a curriculum I’m currently developing for wannabe parents.

Go forth and read! Oh, and comment… Please? I seem to be having a kind of ‘fart-clearing-the-room’ effect over there….

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