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Recycled Waste V

I’ve chosen “The Snip Snipe” as the final post in my Recycled Waste series because it’s a Post With A Message. And that message is “Quit your moaning, Castrati-Boy, and just get the hell on with it.”



The NDM will return to serving freshly-baked posts on Monday. 

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Recycled Waste IV

The much-anticipated fourth installment in my Recycled Waste series is “The Sharks v. The Jets” because the world would be a much happier place if wars were fought not with weapons but with jazz hands. 


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Recycled Waste III

Few who have read “Taking The Piss” – the third in my Recycled Waste series – have been able to look at robot fingers the same way ever again. And it just shows you what happens to Bad People who get stuffed bears drunk at the Gin Palace and then take lots of compromising photos (If you’re a newcomer to the NDM thang, you might like to need to do a little background reading first with “Gin And Bear It“). 


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