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Click on over to Box Ted to see what that zany talking cupboard is up to this week…

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Yes. I’ve kicked Box Ted out of my blog. He never did the dishes (his excuse was that he had no arms) and he mostly just lay around, often directly in my path. Some might say he had an obstructive personality. I just say he was lazily-drawn. 

His new address is: http://boxted.wordpress.com. Go pay him a visit sometime. He’d like that. And so would I. For all my petty jealousies and ranting and raving, I do love that cupboard. Just don’t tell him, okay?

PS. Box Ted’s creator would like you to know that while he’s got a new episode up today, from now on he’ll be publishing every Monday morning, starting this Monday. Or rather I’ll be publishing it for him.

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Click for larger version.

Click image for larger version.

COMING SOON: Separate digs for Box Ted at http://boxted.wordpress.com

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Click on image to see enlarged version. Go on. You know you want to see that shoddy handwriting up close & personal-like.

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Click to see larger version.

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