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Now trying to do for crafting blogs what I did for parenting blogs @ http://thesamewool.wordpress.com

Think of it as ‘Not Drowning, Crocheting’, except hopefully not as lame. 


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Dear readers,

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve been exercising my writing muscles on a range of topics over at ‘In The Powder Room’ including:

All the things I wish I hadn’t had to learn the hard way.

Ten ways my kids annoy the shit out of me
Kids. Gotta love ’em… or do you? Well, yes, of course you do… but then again…

Simple systems for everyday life
For every domestic problem, there is a solution: wine.



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Some crazy people in the US asked me to write a ‘back to school’ post. As an Australian parent trudging out of winter towards the end of term 3, I laughed. My, how I laughed. And then, when I stopped laughing (and then crying some), I wrote this post over at ‘In The Powder Room’.

Oh, and I’ve also been up to all different shades of no good over at JustB Australia.

Everywhere but here…

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Over at JustB Australia, I’ve been getting a few things off my chest, including what’s in my vegetable ‘crisper’ (oh, the humanity!) and whether or not I should buy a Thermomix or just love the kitchen appliances I’m with. 

Oh, and I also whipped up a beginner’s guide to ‘Twitterquette‘ (Twitter Etiquette). 

Is there no stopping me? 

Apparently not. 

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Ever wondered what became of The NDM? Well, I’m writing the same old shit for a nice bunch of people at ‘JustB Australia’.

For example, here is some essential reading for the parent spending any time at home with their beloved children these school holidays.

And here is a link to a post about a curriculum I’m currently developing for wannabe parents.

Go forth and read! Oh, and comment… Please? I seem to be having a kind of ‘fart-clearing-the-room’ effect over there….

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Things have changed. And not just in a ‘Darrin-Stephens-in-Bewitched’ kind of way. Not even in a ‘Mike-Brady-gets-a-perm’ kind of way, either.

The way in which things have changed… well, this is not the forum to discuss it. However, please know that I’ve decided to continue blogging, albeit in my usual half-arsed fashion, over at ‘The NDM‘.  Expect more (or less) of the same over there… but different.

Intrigued? You shouldn’t be.

Yours sincerely,

The NDM.

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My eldest child – my first born – turns nine today. According to him, “nine is not that different to eight”. Who knew?

Here is a post from the NDM archives commemorating his tumultuous and triumphant entrance into the world…‘The Birth Plan’.

Happy birthday, Mr Justice.

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