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Here’s a quick plug for my husband’s blog “The New Adventures of Box Ted“. It’s only a quick plug, mind you, because our spousal rivalry documented in previous posts such as, er, “Spousal Rivalry” and “Boxed In“, is still as rampant as ever.  

Anyway, it turns out that either my husband has some up and coming rivals on the Talking Cupboard Cartoon Circuit OR he is raising a whole army of amateur cartoonists to one day take over the world. Either way, I sensed trouble ahead when I discovered these little gems amongst the children’s drawings… 


By Mr Justice, aged 6.5 years



1. I was [thinking] I was playing cards.

2. And you know [who] said “[You’re] not playing cards, your playing cards with rats”. Mike!

3. I [said] “[Listen] here, Mike, give back my 700$”

4. I was [quiet] for years with no money. Stupid Mike!




By The Pixie, aged 4.5 years (She dictated the words to me)

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