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When Mrs Woog of WoogsWorld asked me to write a guest post for her, I answered her with one word and one word only: “Merkin”.

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I am reluctant to call myself a “Writer”. I feel it’s a bit disingenuous to hang my whole identity on an activity I do less than 5% of the time – if that. I mean, I spend 33.3% of my time sleeping (or trying to sleep) and I don’t go around calling myself a Sleeper or even (more accurately) an Aspiring Sleeper.

Of course, one might argue that so much of what I do with the rest of my time informs my writing and I’m always thinking about it – thinking, thinking, thinking… But then, one might also argue that so much of what I eat informs my bowel output. ‘Nuff said.

My husband – who is currently working on his own Top Secret writing project – and I often accuse each other of writerly behaviour. 

“Oh, you’re such a Writer!” we say to each other.

When my husband complains about something trivial, I toss a casual “Go write me a sob story, Writer Boy!” his way.

And when I say I need to take some time out for my blog, his retort might be something along the lines of: “Well, you’d better grab your beret and go find yourself a fucking street cafe.”

Of course, the time he said that to me, we were staying in Blinkton at my mother’s house, which is at least 50 km from the nearest street cafe – unless a cup of instant coffee in a polystyrene cup drunk while squatting outside the local truck stop counts. Is that behaviour befitting a Writer? I can’t remember Nicole Kidman doing it during her turn as Virginia Wolf in “The Hours” so I’d say not. (Note to self: must buy prosthetic nose). 

Anyway, it must be said my husband goes a bit strange when we’re in the country, and not just because he often does a lot of goddamn writing there. For one thing, he fancies himself as a bit of a Country Boy and starts offering to write “Spirit Of The Man On The Land” guest posts for my blog.

For another thing, he makes grand statements like “I understand The Land. Unlike you city writers. You’re like Vincent von Gogh staggering drunk around my sunflower plantation. OF COURSE the sunflowers are going to look all squiggly when you’ve drunk that much absynthe.”

And I’d say he has a good point if he wasn’t being such a goddamn writer about it. 

Anyway, if you’re wondering what has sparked all this writer talk, I’ll give you the lowdown.  I just got one step closer to being able (but perhaps not yet willing) to legitimately call myself a Writer. As of yesterday, I became a guest blogger on kidspot.com.au . There’s a retro-NDM piece up there now but there may be some freshly-baked posts up there one day soon. 

Oooh, look at me! I’m a guest blogger on a major Australian parenting site! La-di-dah!

(What a Writer.)

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Been meaning to post a link to the Shoe of the Week post I did a while back at the fabulous Gabfran’s blog “Caveat Calcei” (which I believe to be Latin for “Sexy Lawyer Lady With Serious Shoe Fetish”).

Which is all just another way of saying “Ooh, look at me! I’m so important now that I’m doing guest posts! La-di-dah!” 

And we all know that guest posts are just the beginning of my meteoric rise to fame. And then my rapid demise, after the tabloids reveal me to be a middle-aged man living in Stoke-on-Trent who’s into kittens wearing leathers. Followed by my humble redemption somewhere in the back pages of The Australian Women’s Weekly. And then before we all know it, I’ll be doing the after-dinner speaker circuit and making everyone wish they’d never invited me with all my casual banter about Type 4 vomit

Anyway, in case you missed that link it was http://lawandshoes.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/celebrity-guest-shoe-of-the-week-the-not-drowning-mother/. Check it out.

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